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Todd Richter becomes board director with animal organization

October 17, 2022
With a nearly 30-year financial career that has reached significant success, Todd Richter extends himself beyond the job and into helping others in the community. That includes helping some of life’s most beloved creatures -- dogs.

Years ago, Richter had a random, chance encounter with a dog who was rescued from a deplorable state. On his way to a business meeting with Bideaee, an animal rescue and shelter in New York City, Richter met Henry. Henry was a stray from the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, who was discovered and headed for euthanization due to his failing health. Bideawee learned of Henry and brought him to the East Coast, giving him a second chance on life. As his health improved, so did his relationship with Richter and he was soon adopted. Richter then committed himself to aiding the organization that brought Henry into his world.

Todd Richter now serves on Bideawee’s Board of Directors plus lends his support (financial and otherwise) to the nonprofit’s foster program. The Bideawee Todd B. Richter Foster Program connects animals seeking a home with a temporary residence and helpful, heartfelt temporary families who can offer solace and security away from the shelter. Henry created change, not just for his life, but for Richter’s and many other dogs as well.